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ij.stárt.cañoñ - Cañoñ Inkjet printers are perfect for creating high-quality documents, family photos, study notes food recipes and booking a movie ticket. A huge array of multifunction printers are available in the market, and amongst them, the cañoñ inkjet printer is the best.

Cañoñ inkjet printers are known for their versatility and are the foremost choice for printing a photo. Without any heat up issue, cañoñ inkjet prints on-demand and produce an excellent output time after time. cañoñ Inkjet printers are capable of creating outstanding prints for personal as well as professional purpose.

What are Services at ij start Cañoñ Setup Required for cañoñ ijsetup?

  • Cañoñ printer installation setup.
  • Cañoñ Pixma mx wireless setup.
  • Cañoñ Printer error fixation.
  • Cañoñ Pixma mg wireless setup
  • Wireless Internet configuration/cable connections in Printers
  • Cañoñ Pixma ts wireless setup.
  • Download cañoñ printer new model number.
  • Security setting for complete protection.
  • Configure Printer settings as per system requirements.

How do I Install a Printer Cañoñ ?

Install a printer cañoñ on your device Windows or Mac from ij.stárt.cañoñ page. The installation helps you in printing your files without any hassle. Follow the below steps to Install a printer cañoñ –

  • If your computer has not the CD-ROM, then get the setup online.
  • Open your browser and visit the ij.stárt.cañoñ webpage.
  • Here, click on SET UP.
  • Then, submit the name of the printer model.
  • Otherwise, click on the FIRST LETTERS,
  • Then enter the first two letters.
  • Now, scroll down the screen, then choose your printer model and click on its model name.
  • Then hit on the SETTING UP XXXX tab,
  • Here the XXXX is indicated as your printer model.
  • Choose the location or region of the purchased printer at cañoñ.comijsetup setup .
  • Check whether the operating system is selected on the SELECT DEVICE page or not.
  • In case if the operating system like windows is not selected, select from the given list.
  • Hit the SETUP button, and it will redirect you to the download page.
  • Click DOWNLOAD and start the ij.stárt.cañoñ downloading.
  • On the completion, double-tap on the downloaded file and start installation.

Cañoñ Inkjet Printer Setup Procedure

Cañoñ Inkjet printers are best for you, whether you are professional or simply looking for your personal use. cañoñ inkjet printers are designed to create the highest quality of the image at the fastest speed, thus making them the ideal choice for all-in-one printing purposes in a hassle-free manner in homes and offices. So, to obtain outstanding and high-quality prints, it is mandatory to setup cañoñ inkjet printer. Therefore, for all cañoñ inkjet printer users, we have enrolled the steps required for the setup.

Step 1: Setting up Cañoñ Inkjet Printer

  • Initially, open the internet browser (such as internet explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.) on your system.
  • After this, in the address bar of the browser type, “ij.stárt.cañoñ” correctly. Then after that, press the Enter button on the keyboard.
  • By doing this, you will get relocated to the printer driver page.
  • Then, on this page, you will get an option to set your preferred language. Therefore, click on the language option, and from the drop-down menu-list select the language of your choice.
  • After that, below this option, an icon is there named as “Set up (Start Here)” Thus, to move further with the cañoñ printer download option, click on this icon.
  • Now, once you click on this option, then it will redirect you to a new window.
  • Here you are supposed to enter the model number of your printer.
  • You can either manually type the model number or can also select from the options that are available in the lower panel of the same page.
  • Now, once you have entered the model number of your printer, then click on enter. After this, hit the enter option and the setup instructions for the specific model will pop-up. Then, follow the steps as prompted on the screen.

Step 2: Hardware Setup- ij.start.canon

  • To start with the cañoñ printer setup process, carefully take out the ij.stárt.cañoñ from the packaging box. Also, make sure that all packaging material gets appropriately removed.
  • Then, carefully connect the printer to a power socket like a wall socket through the help of a power cord. After this, to turn it “ON” press the power button.
  • Now, once the process gets completed, then go to the printer’s control/display panel. Then, complete with the setup of printer settings. In the settings option, select the language, country/region and self-managed etc.
  • Along with this, watch the tutorial in the video at start.cannon this will guide you with the steps to load printer cartridge and paper, so follow them carefully.

Step 3 : Download the Driver- ij.stárt.cañoñ

  • Once you are done with all procedures required for the hardware setup as prompted on start.c a nnon you are now supposed to download the driver software.
  • In the same window that guided you regarding both the previous steps, now you have to proceed further to the next step, i.e. “Download the driver software”. So, click on this link.
  • Thereafter, the process of cañoñ printer download will start. Hence, in the footer of the browser window, you can see the downloading progress.
  • Thus, this process will take a few minutes, so wait until the downloading process gets completed successfully.
  • While the installation process is in progress, make sure not to close the window or turn off the computing device.
  • In case, if you close the window or shut down the computing device, then the downloading will stop in-between.
  • Therefore, once the file gets downloaded, then it will automatically get saved in the download folder. Also, if you want to save it in any other folder, then you can do it manually.

Installation Process of Ij.Stárt.Cañoñ Printer Driver

  • Once the Hardware setup and downloaded the printer driver software are done according to the instructions given in “ ij.stárt.cañoñ ”, then after this proceed further with the next step, i.e. setting up the device part.
  • Now to begin with the installation process, ensure that the printer is turned ON. Thus, for this, check if the green light of the device is turned ON.
  • After this, double click on the downloaded file.
  • Then, the “User Control Wizard” will get open on the screen. From there, click on the run option to allow the software to run on the system screen.
  • Now you will be taken to the “welcome window” of the driver software. After this, you will have to click on the Next option.
  • Now for the setup, you will have to follow the step by step guide. So, follow the guide the same way as you followed the guide at ij.start.cannon .
  • Thereafter, a screen will appear on the system asking you to choose between a USB or wireless connection. From there, select the “Wireless Connection” option.
  • Now in the next window that appears on the system’s screen, click on the “Connect to Network” icon.
  • Then the next window will ask you to go for the connection method that you want to opt for. Thus this method uses typically wired or wireless. So, you’ll have to click on the “cables setup” icon mentioned here.
  • Now, when the connection via cableless setup screen gets open, you will have to hold down the printer’s Wi-Fi button. So, continue doing this till the orange alarm lamp flashes 2 times, then immediately release the button after the second flash.
  • After this, ensure that the Blue color Wi-Fi flashes quickly. Then again, click on the “Next” button. Therefore in this process, the network connection will get “Disable” temporarily.
  • Now, wait for some time and give time to the printer device to connect.
  • Afterwards, a new window will get display on the screen. Thus, this window may ask you to enter your geographical region. Therefore, after selecting the region, click on the “Next” option.
  • On the other hand, you’ll have to select your place of residence and then click on the “Next” option on the next screen.
  • Now the next screen that will appear is of “Software Installation List”. Thus, from here, you will have to select the software that you want to install.
  • In case, if you are not sure that which software you have to install at this stage, then install all available, and you can uninstall the one that you don’t need.
  • Therefore, after selecting the right software, click on the “Next” option.
  • After that, the next window that will appear on the screen states “License Agreement Document”. So, in this window, carefully go through the documents and later click “Yes”, if you agree with all the terms.
  • Hence, an “Allow Install Wizard Process” window will appear on the screen. Then, again click on the “Next” button.
  • Now, the next window will indicate the model of the printer and the name (or SSID) of the wireless network. Therefore, here click on the “complete” option.
  • After a time, you will see that the Blue color lamp stops blinking, and by this, the setup is completed for the window users. Furthermore, Mac users will have to perform a few more steps.
  • Hence, the next step is to add your printer to carefully connect it to the Mac device. Therefore, from there, click on the “Add Printer” option.
  • Furthermore, you will see the printer devices available on the next screen.
  • Now, from this list, select the model number of your printer device.
  • Make sure that it should be similar to that which you have entered in start.cannon to begin with, the entire process. Then after this, click on the “Add” option.
  • Now, in the end, click on the “Next” option to complete the process.
  • So, with these steps, the Mac Cableless setup will get completed.